Current Hotel Employees

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Unless you're looking to quit your hotel job or you're on the verge of being fired by your boss, you cannot jeopardize your current employment simply to get paid what you are legally entitled to and that is our primary consideration whenever dealing with currently employed hotel workers. Since no one in your position can afford to lose their job, least of all most hotel workers, we are not interested in anyone jeopardizing their current employment. Instead, our active pursuit of correcting hotel employee payments is led by former employees who have left their jobs, including being fired, terminated and laid off; while those hotel workers that are currently employed in the hospitality industry have their identity and information strictly guarded and kept confidential. Meanwhile, we use the many legal tools available to employees to safeguard their identity and continued employment, while seeking to insure that they are fully paid in accordance with the applicable provincial employment standards legislation and pertinent case law.

This is also being undertaken in part through our class action litigation against two of Canada's largest hotel groups, being the Marriott / Starwood hotel group and the InnVest / Accor hotel group, collectively representing approximately three hundred hotels across Canada. As such, we have already intitiated court proceedings against these two major hotel groups, which may enable us to correct underpayments for both the current and former employees at those hotels. However, it is anticipated that the hotel's employer will attempt to exclude as many employees as possible, although we will being vigorously countering any such effort where we have the legal or factual means to make such an argument. And for that reason, together with other reasons, there is mutual benefit in your providing us with such information confidentially and with the legal safeguards that exist against its disclosure to your employer.

Our overriding objective is not to jeopardize your employment simply to attain what you are legally entitled to, given that there are preferable strategies to be pursued to protect and attain the money that you are owed from your employer. Whether this is part of our existing class action lawsuits or involves another hotel employer, our first priority needs to be protecting your identity and your employment, such that we need to approach these situations with great caution and in strict confidence, which can be done by confidentially contacting hotel employee lawyer Christopher Neufeld at either telephone number 403-400-4092 or by email at

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